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How To Stay Cool When The AC Goes Out

Published July 29, 2022
How To Stay Cool When The AC Goes Out

Everything needs to be repaired from time to time, such as your car, roof, and air conditioner. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, but we can help ensure your air conditioner is repaired in a timely manner to get your home cool and comfortable once again. While your Anchor Air technician identifies the air conditioning repair and comes to a solution, how do you stay cool in the meantime? In this article, we will describe 7 tips to stay comfortable and beat the Alabama heat.

7 Ways To Stay Cool

Your air conditioner is working hard in the summer to keep up with the harsh temperatures, which is why air conditioning repairs are more likely in the summer and winter. Check out these tricks to stay comfortable while your Anchor Air technician fixes your air conditioning unit!

  • Wear Cooling Clothing
  • Avoid Using Heat Generating Appliances
  • Utilize Fans
  • Cover Windows
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Take A Cool Shower
  • Find Another Spot To Hangout

Wear Cooling Clothing

We recommend wearing lightweight, breathable clothing while your AC isn’t working. For example, fabrics such as cotton allow air circulation, and light colored fabric is said to reflect light and heat.

Avoid Using Heating Generating Appliances

While your air conditioner is broken, try to avoid using heat-generating appliances such as your dryer, dishwasher, and oven. These appliances create unnecessary heat and will add to your indoor temperature. Instead, try to eat ready to go or refrigerated meals.

Utilize Fans

Did you know your ceiling fans have a certain setting for summer? Make sure your ceiling fan is rotating clockwise to push down a cool breeze on your skin. To change the setting, look for a switch below the fan blades. We also recommend utilizing box fans, but only utilizing both box and ceiling fans while someone is in the room. Ceiling fans do not change the temperature. The breeze they create makes it feel like a cooler temperature on your skin.

Cover Windows

Although the sunlight peeking through your blinds is nice, be sure to keep your blind and curtains shut if your air conditioner is off. The sun allows heat to enter through the sun rays, which will increase the temperature inside your home.

Stay Hydrated

This is one of the most important tips if your air conditioner is broken! Not only is staying hydrated good for your health, but will also keep you cool and refreshed. Grab a cold drink, utilize your fans, and relax while your Anchor Air technician has you covered.

Take A Cool Shower

The heat can be extremely uncomfortable, so for an immediate cool down we recommend taking a cold shower. This will help battle the temperature in your home and keep your skin feeling cool for a while after.

Find Another Spot To Hangout

If possible, find another spot to hang out while your air conditioner is being repaired. Use a friend’s pool, go to the mall or public library, or do a summer activity. Foley and surrounding areas have many public, air-conditioned areas for you to visit and stay cool this summer.

We understand a broken air conditioner is uncomfortable and frustrating. At Anchor Air, we can help repair your air conditioner quickly and efficiently to ensure your comfort. Give us a call for any air conditioning services this summer in Foley!

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