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AC Maintenance in Foley, AL

High-quality HVAC contractors to install, repair, maintain, or replace your system for your comfort.

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Our licensed and certified team services Foley, Fairhope, and surrounding areas. You can trust our premium HVAC repairs, maintenance, and replacements with high standards of excellence for a job well done.

Many homeowners assume they have a functioning cooling system and don’t need to waste money by calling a technician to look at it. However, plenty goes on underneath the surface, and only when issues worsen do you notice signs that you need a repair. At Anchor Air, we provide air conditioning maintenance services in Foley, AL and surrounding areas to encourage homeowners to not wait until their comfortable indoor controlled climate becomes compromised.

What Is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance can sometimes end in a minor repair if the expert technician finds faults that could jeopardize your system. Due to your air conditioner operating behind the scenes, it is difficult to spot a repair until your home becomes uncomfortable. Our expert technicians can catch underlying malfunctions ahead of time before it results in a costly repair or AC breakdown. Maintenance checks usually consist of cleanings and recalibrations that keep your system running at peak efficiency, especially when it begins veering off track. Some services to expect with your professional maintenance include the following:

  • Removing dust: Wiping down and inspecting the vents, internal components, and condenser and evaporator coils alongside vacuuming the air ducts and changing the air filters
  • Cleaning excess water: Cleaning pooling water from a backed-up drain line, unclogging the line, and removing stagnant water from the drain pan
  • Lubricate moving parts: Lubricating the motor, fan belt, and other moving parts keeps it from coming to a grinding halt
  • Thermostat recalibration: Changing the batteries on the thermostat and rewiring it if necessary for accurate readings
  • Tightening components: Re-securing loose nuts and bolts that jiggle free with unit vibrations and repositioning shifted components

How Often Should I Schedule AC Maintenance?

Anchor Air experts recommend semi-annual AC maintenance in Fairhope, AL, and surrounding areas for optimal functionality. That includes once in the spring, preparing it for heavy use so you won’t experience any surprise malfunctions when you need it most, and once in the fall. During the fall, we help your system wind down from extensive running, checking for leaks and safety issues before you put it on the sidelines. Seasonal at-home maintenance proves just as essential, though. This includes changing the filters every three months, checking the thermostat setting regularly, and wiping down the vents and air ducts as best as possible.

What Does AC Maintenance Do for My Unit?

Professional maintenance comes with a small cost, but if you choose to do without, you’ll spend more in the long run. That’s because minor issues have little to no symptoms that go unnoticed by the untrained eye when first starting to develop. A professional must undo your system during maintenance to uncover and repair them before they worsen or affect surrounding parts, leading to more expensive repairs.

These early repairs make it easier on not only your wallet, but also the system since it won’t have to work harder to override malfunctions to produce the correct indoor climate. This means you’ll have fewer repairs over time since components remain strong, extending your unit’s lifespan so you don’t need frequent or untimely replacements. Other benefits you reap with regular AC maintenance include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Effective warranty
  • First-rate performance

Energy efficiency

When our technicians clean all internal components, and the unit functions properly, it uses less energy from your utility grid, lowering monthly electricity bills. By using less fuel and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses, a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) also proves more environmentally friendly.

Effective warranty

Maintaining your unit maintains your unit’s warranty since a manufacturing company will only stand by its promise to replace the system or get it fixed if you do your part. If breakdowns were due to negligence, it’s not the system’s fault, so they won’t stand by their warranty, leaving you to pay out of pocket.

First-rate performance

If your filters or ducts have dust buildup or lodged debris, it blocks airflow. Similarly, a damaged blower doesn’t distribute air to the vents, and a faulty thermostat won’t dictate the correct temperature settings. Ensuring everything runs smoothly with maintenance guarantees optimal performance and ideal, uniform temperatures for comfort.

Prevent Uncomfortable Surprises With Our Qualified Team!

AC maintenance is one of the most sought-after services in Foley, Fairhope, and surrounding Alabama areas. It keeps cooling units functioning optimally and efficiently past the ten-year system lifespan. Trust Anchor Air with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to provide 24/7 AC services. Call (251) 286-6953 to request a free estimate and schedule specialized services that’ll prepare your home for the summer!

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