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AC Replacement in Foley, AL

High-quality HVAC contractors to install, repair, maintain, or replace your system for your comfort.

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Don’t pass on comfort. When you need a quality replacement, trust Anchor Air for exceptional HVAC servicing and brands!

As your air conditioner reaches the latter half of its 10 to 15 year lifespan, you’ll notice unusual signs indicating deterioration within your unit. However, how can you tell whether a simple repair or full-on replacement will suffice in reinstating household comfort? At Anchor Air, we’ll examine your unit’s abilities and issues to determine if you need an AC replacement in Foley, AL and surrounding areas.

When Is AC Replacement Better Than Repair?

A repair usually remedies minor issues like unusual odors, obnoxious sounds, and leaks around your unit or air ducts. However, replacements may be your only choice if repairs don’t completely eradicate the concerns or the unit requires frequent ones to remain functioning. If any of these repairs cost at least half of your original AC installation, it clearly indicates a replacement is more economical. A replacement also makes your best option in the following cases:

  • Aging unit
  • Low SEER rating
  • Long or short cycling

Aging Unit

When your unit nears the end of its ten-to-15-year lifespan, it’ll only continue to decline as the internal components age, despite constant repairs.

Low SEER rating

Over time, the unit’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) decreases. Once it irreversibly drops below 14, its inefficiency pulls more electricity than before, leading to higher energy bills.

Long or short cycling

Long cycling means your unit runs extensively each time you power it on since it takes longer to cool your space. If you have a system too small for the area you need to cool, you’ll need to upgrade to a larger size to keep this from running up utility bills. On the other hand, short cycling means the unit is too large, cooling the space faster but leaving hot and cold spots.

What Are the Benefits of AC Replacement?

With a new AC replacement, don’t worry about repairs during the first few seasons of use, especially if you trust us with your replacements since we carry top brands. Trane, Carrier, and Lennox are a few of the high-end professionals we partner with, guaranteeing durable equipment. Alongside saving money with fewer repairs, a full lifespan means you won’t need another replacement for at least a decade. You’ll also benefit from the following:

  • Higher energy efficiency: A higher efficiency rating puts forth your ideal temperature setting while placing less strain on your energy grid. That means you can run your system more frequently during the summer for optimal indoor comfort and still positively impact the environment.
  • New technology: Upgrade your old-school unit for a programmable one where you can preset desired temperatures for different times throughout the day or week. Smart systems take it one step further, allowing you to alter your thermostat from your mobile device, even when you’re out of the house.
  • Government incentives: By upgrading your tax-deductible unit, take advantage of government incentives like rebate programs and tax credits that can give back up to 30% of the installation cost.

What Does a Replacement Entail?

During a replacement, our team doesn’t just fit you with a new unit that matches the existing one. We take the time to measure the square footage of the space you want to cool to match you with the appropriate BTU (British Thermal Unit), which deciphers how much heat the unit removes. The higher the BTU required to cool your home, the larger your AC replacement.

We also look at your floor plan to uncover your ideal unit. If you want whole-home comfort, a single wall or window unit can cool one floor with few walls and obstacles. However, multiple floors or closed floor plans may need ductwork or several units for cool air to reach all corners. We also listen to your needs and concerns while staying within your price range before we choose your unit.

After removing the old cooling unit, we’ll install your system within one visit (it may take a few if we have to introduce ductwork to your home). Then, we’ll run your system one full cycle to ensure it’s not defective and in proper working order before we clean up behind ourselves.

Trust the Experts for All Your Cooling Needs!

If a replacement isn’t in your budget, our specialized team offers financing with flexible payment options. For an AC replacement in Fairhope, AL and surrounding areas, count on Anchor Air to provide top brands and unmatched services. Call (251) 290-4696 for a free estimate today!

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