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Air Conditioning Myths

Since air conditioning was invented in 1902, there have been many misconceptions developed over the years. DIY projects and unreliable internet information have led to expensive AC repairs and homeowners spending unnecessary money. We are here to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to air conditioning systems. In this blog, we will explore common air conditioning myths and provide truthful answers to help homeowners save money and remain comfortable in their home.


Let us help set the record straight, below are 6 common air conditioning myths:

  • Bigger AC Systems Are Better.
  • Closed Vents Save Money.
  • Your Home Will Cool Faster On A Low Thermostat Setting.
  • Duct Tape Is Meant For Ductwork.
  • Thermostat Placement Does Not Matter.
  • Your AC Unit Does Not Need Preventative Maintenance.

Myth: Bigger AC Systems Are Better.

Bigger AC systems are not better for your home. Your air conditioner should be properly sized with many factors about your home considered. An oversized unit will not cool your home faster or increase energy efficiency. They actually do the opposite and use more energy to run, which raises your utility bills.

Myth: Closed Vents Save Money.

Closing air vents in vacant rooms will not save you money, but potentially cost you more. Air will relocate into your ducts if your vents are closed and could cause air duct leaks from the pressure. Air leaks lead to high bills and decreased efficiency ratings.

Myth: Your Home Will Cool Faster On A Low Thermostat Setting.

Your home will not cool faster just because of the low thermostat setting. Your air conditioner runs in cycles until it reaches the thermostat setting, which means it will take the same amount of time to cool no matter the thermostat setting. Altering your thermostat in hopes to cool your home quicker will only result in costly bills and an overworked air conditioner. If you want to feel cooler faster, consider utilizing your ceiling fan for a cool breeze.

Myth: Duct Tape Is Meant For Ductwork.

Contrary to the name, duct tape is not meant for your ducts in your home. Many believe duct tape is a good fix to air leaks, however, duct tape can not withstand the temperature changes inside your ducts and will not hold for long. Give us a call if you suspect air leaks in your ductwork and we can provide a long term solution.

Myth: Thermostat Placement Does Not Matter.

Many do not know that the placement of your thermostat is very important to your cooling system. Factors such as direct sunlight, windows, and doors can allow your thermostat to take inaccurate temperature readings and not effectively cool your home. It is best to place your thermostat in a central location on an interior wall.

Myth: Your AC Unit Does Not Need Preventative Maintenance.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Wrong! Your air conditioner should have maintenance check ups twice a year, in the spring and fall. Just because something it’s visibly wrong, doesn’t mean there isn’t an internal problem. Your Anchor Air technician can help detect and fix problems before they become costly ones with AC preventative maintenance. Don’t run your air conditioner until it breaks down, call us now to schedule your fall preventative maintenance!

Consider the truth we provided if you have been practicing some of these common air conditioning myths. We are here to debunk the myths to prevent homeowners from using them in the future. To ensure your comfort and a healthy air conditioning system, remember the truths from this article. Your AC unit and bank account will thank you for saving money and energy!

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